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Thursday, September 9, 2010

25 Goofy things Christians Do...


Preface: I am the self-proclaimed chief goofiest Christian there is.... I've fallen into any one of the below tendencies of people who proclaim to know Christ. Some of the things described are exactly that - goofy. Some of things are straight up just sin patterns. And some things are just observations about my own immaturity (+ a few others). In any event, I just figured I'd blog about this... I was supposed to make a video about it. But I've been procrastinating like crazy on that. Some of the items have brief explanations some don't. Some have biblical references and alot do not; I'm still not done with that part. Some of them might just be a random thought I've had. Please correct, comment, add on.

1. Tell someone’s business in the midst of corporate prayer. Like do I really need to know who's on crack and sleeping with who?
2. They can’t receive anything from a preacher who doesn’t embody their preferred "style" of preaching. [God is not confined to a personality type…see Moses….JohntheBaptist vs. Jesus]
3. Call people judgmental, super-saved, and aggressive if they plainly point out sthg in scripture so as to guide/correct you.
[overusage of Matt 7:1-5. Rom 14:13. 1 Cor. 5:4-5.. 5:12-13.. 6:1-5 !!!]
4. Instead of talking to the person their angry/upset with, they talk to everybody else but the person….. venting.
[ Matthew 5:22-24]
5. Sarcastic for no reason. Like is their a reason for your sarcasm? is someone being edified or encouraged? Do you realize your sarcasm can be hurtful and just unloving?
6. Christians who give up their pre-med/pre-vet/pre-law track because they want to be missionaries, God’s calling them "deeper." Are you sure or are you just lazy?
7. Christians who give their testimony w/o including any expression of their sin issue, repentance, forgiveness (personal interaction with Jesus)….instead they highlight (1) born saved, (2) joined a church, (3) or how they attained more material things or achieved a level of educational success since being at "church"
+ Testimony of the Lord makes wise the simple…. Overcome by the word of our testimony and blood of the Lamb.
+ Are you even really saved ? Did you even meet Jesus for real?
8. Christians who say they’re called to be single (eunuch); but they catch the eye of someone and now they're called to be married. smh
9. Who have fear issues …. but stay going to see Horror films…. Lust issues, but stay watching bad chick flicks about men.
10. Christians who embellish their quiet time experience… or trivialize words like stating "amazing," "great," "awesome."
11. Christians who don’t read their bible; ask them what love is they draw a blank…
12. Christians who are in love with secular artists…and defend them, more than their faith in Christ....Mann, did Beyonce die on a cross for you? LOL...
13. Love the idea of community but w/o responsibility or accountability….barometer of how well a church event/fellowship went is based on how much they “took” from it…(so if they didn’t get enuff, they sulk)…
14. Long prayers saying God’s names 20 different ways….3 legit sentences of petition
15. Pay more attention to the devil than Jesus. LOL
16. Make a decision and then pray about it…or they made a precarious decision, and then ask you for wisdom. LOL
17. Never can say they’re having a bad day…only use scripts of "good" to "great" to "Blessed."
18. Deflect correction, paying attention to someone's delivery (i.e. they something was "said") at the expense of growing from what was actually said.
19. Who don’t read the Word, and wonder why they don’t hear God’s voice….or use the Bible as an encyclopedia..
They use it as a reference rebuttal instead of understanding God’s heart behind His word.
20. Christians who think that sororities/fraternities can’t change them for the negative….
21. Christians who are pessimistic.
22. Christians who wear their “virginity” like it’s a badge. LOL.
23. Christians who are always wondering if they’re called to be a pastor/missionary, etc…..but don’t see that they’re called
NOW to be Jesus’ disciple and make disciples.
24. Christians who are surprised at other people’s sin…c’mon now.
25. Christians who date non-christians.
26. Christians who think because you pray loudly, shout loudly, or are really emotional in corporate worship settings that you're super close to Jesus.
27. Christians who say "That's just the way I am" as their life mantra for why they do not change...

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  1. Ha Ha, how true and funny, I believe in keeping it real,as the word says he desires truth in the inward parts, maybe a misunderstanding of Jesus and his character is the problem, I get concerned at prayer meetings, when people sound like they are cradling Jesus and saying praise the lord, Hallelujah in baby cooing voices, or the weird hiss after saying Jesus, I shake my head wondering how did this strangeness become so