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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Productivity....sometimes elusive, sometimes not.

Today went pretty well. Didn't rise as early as I wanted yet, I made a point to make sure I get time with Jesus -- prayer and His word -- and to get tasks done at an appropriate time..... I hate feeling like I wasted a day. Or that I didn't manage time well.
Moving on, I really enjoy the feeling of taking small steps towards dreams/goals. So today, I set out to do a little bit of that.
(1) Spending some extra time in the word...actually studying it...greek, etc. Journaling on my interaction with Scripture.
(2) Studying for my GRE-like test for nursing schools. Only 2 pages of review, but hey its something.
(3) Picked up my old french book and actually reviewed it. The life goal of being fluent will not be washed away because of my sloth or because of not choosing the formal education way of learning it.
(4) and tonight, Imma head to another dance class to get back in that swing of things...

John Maxwell's book really is helping me assess my dreams and make them a reality by taking small steps towards them.
Today was just a snapshot of doing that. I'm realizing there was a flow throughout my day that I need to pay attention to... It wasn't at all boring tho despite I'm in a lonelier season and community (like fellowship with other like-minded believers rarely happens) is not a regular thing anymore. I'm hoping the Lord will help sharpen my self-discipline this season like never before.
I'm trusting He will. I just want to cooperate with Him, His steps and His heart.


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